The Lucky Seventh

The newly reorganized 7th armored division is home to America’s most promising experimental weapon: the Armored Personal Exo-system. It is rumored that these suits were developed from secrets wrung from the “visitors” at Roswell combined with honest Detroit engineering. These unwieldy diesel powered A.P.E. are designed to take a serious beating and keep moving. They are the ultimate blend of infantryman and tank and are piloted by America’s best. They excel at close quarters fighting. The volume of fire they can pump out, in tandem with their virtual invulnerability to small arms, allows them to clear urban areas and bunkers with a relatively low casualty rate. The Lucky Seventh gets all the toughest jobs, hence the ironic nickname. When the decision is made to clear the tunnels under Gibraltar, the APEs draw the short straw. 1st platoon of B company, 17th APE Regiment under Captain “Slugger” Murphy leads the Incursion.


MI-13 is the United Kingdom’s answer to enemy super science, occult activity, and specifically, the German SWD. This intelligence agency has a powerful military arm. In addition to specialized field agents, MI-13 deploys commando kill teams that bring with them the knowledge and equipment to get the job done on a mission by mission basis. MI-13 Commandos are elite special forces who’s ranks are filled with the most decorated and fearless former LRDG and SAS as well as highly trained “specialists” with unique powers. They have seen it all. They have hunted vampires, launched impossible raids on fortified enemy laboratories, and on occasion even driven the Minions of Hell back through its burning gates. MI-13 elements provide intelligence and tactical support to US Lucky Seventh forces at Gibraltar.

Slugger Murphy

Slugger Murphy

Captain Murphy never goes into action without his two closest buddies: Bambi and Thumper. Bambi is a .50cal revolver that his mechanic Bucky built. It can only be fired with the aid of the servos in an APE suits powered arms. The recoil would otherwise rip a man’s arm off. Bucky named the gun after one of his ex wives as she would “go off” at the slightest thing and had a hell of a kick to her too. Thumper is Slugger’s trusty bat that landed him a mess of home-runs back home in the minors and has cracked ten times that number of zombie skulls since.

Pack Contents: One white metal, 5 piece Slugger Murphy and a 40mm base.

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