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Where to get it!

North America: you can get your stuff here in this web store or through your FLGS. If you want them to carry it and they are not, bug them mercilessly. Incursion is available through a wide range of distribution channels. Retailers: you can access our product through us directly, or through our distribution partners: Warpath Games, e-figures.com, and Alliance Distribution.

Europe: we suggest you order from our partners at West Wind Productions or from your favorite gaming store. Again, if they do not carry the product, bug them. We support the FLGS. Retailers in Europe/UK please contact West Wind as they are the exclusive distributor for Incursion in Europe. You can find their web store and contact info here:


Australia and New Zealand (and other points Far East): Our Australian distributor (also a retailer) is Little Soldiers. Customers and retailers contact them here: http://www.littlesoldiers.com.au/.


We accept most major credit cards through the online store as well as Paypal. You can shop with confidence as all transactions are processed through the encrypted servers of our Shopify and PayPal Website Payments Pro accounts. We hope you’ll find the store intuitive and easy to use. However, if you have any difficulties, give us a shout through the contact information below.

Stock And Delivery

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. While we usually stock all Grindhouse product in depth, sometimes we’ll run a bit short. If we do not have enough stock on hand to fill your order we are probably awaiting a shipment from the factory. We will await the factory delivery or dispatch the balance of your order from our other facility in the United Kingdom as a last resort with no additional charge to you…whichever we think will be quicker.

Privacy Policy

You will be asked to provide pertinent personal information such as Name, Address, credit card info and valid e-mail address. Grindhouse Games will make every effort to protect your privacy and will not share this information with any other entity…EVER. We will however retain your e-mail and address for future reference.


Send us an email and tell us how we’re doing or direct any enquiries about your purchases to:


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