Grindhouse Games

The Bailey Brothers

San Antonio, Texas based Grindhouse Games is the result of a lifelong labor of love by a couple of goofy kids that grew up in the seventies and early eighties on a diet of comic books,  science fiction novels, Star Wars, Monty Python, and  D&D. It's not really a business. Rather, it's a little dream that just happens to look like one.









Jim Bailey

Project Developer

Jim Bailey is the project developer, art director, and lead games designer for INCURSION. His job is mostly to sit around frothing, chewing his fingers, and muttering about deadlines and so forth. Jim helps run a big architecture firm in Texas, USA by day but every night, he dons his gimp mask to do Grindhouse Games. He also designed Secrets of the Third Reich with John Bailey and Andy Cooper. His role was mostly chief stress-case and finger-chewer, managing to scribble out the odd rule or two or slap some paint on models between teeth-gnashings.




John Bailey

Exalted Rules Lawyer


Who is that hideous cadaver? He’s John Bailey, the other half of Grindhouse Games. His official title is Exalted Rules Lawyer. This is because in addition to being the guiding force behind rules design for everything Grindhouse does, John is an actual butt-kicking attorney in real life and runs the Grindhouse legal department. John runs the Alamo Warhammer Grand Tournament in San Antonio, Texas every year. He is also the co-author of Secrets of the Third Reich. John did the concept design for the INCURSION ruleset and continues to develop new stuff for the game. 



John Roberts


John Roberts runs Grindhouse operations from Georgetown, Texas with the blessing and help of his gamer wife, Marina. He was doomed to a life of gaming at the age of 9 when he discovered the Avalon Hill library at the Air Force Academy where his father taught. He spends his days riding around on his motorcycle, making up rules, and sharing his abode with Rio: a latter-day Saurian who dreams of eons past where her ancestors would terrorize and devour his own hominid primogenitors.




John Allison


John Allison has been working as a professional illustrator for the past seventeen years, designing everything from t-shirts and billboards to storyboards and character concepts for animation and independent film. He studied comic art and sequential storytelling at the Kubert School. Though a Texan by birth,  Allison lives in St. Petersburg, Florida where he plays in his band, 'John Q.' and writes and illustrates his own comic: Botched. Check him out here: http://www.escapeartistentertainment.com/