Oct 26, 2010 - By Jim Bailey

 Hi all

The site is still a little dusty and best viewed in Firefox at the moment. It's a mess in IE.  It went live a bit unexpectedly so I don't have my big "speech" prepared. Anyway, here we go! These cute little guys were sculpted by Patrick Keith and based on those concept models I did that some of you may have seen. Pat is a real joy to work with. We hope to do one release per month so long as interest keeps up. Will get some painted versions up as soon as I get around to painting them. Post your painted pics on the forums please for all to see...

Next up is a big robot called Angus. "Big fat can of whoop-ass"

Now, the question is, would you like to see more poses and weaponry for these guys or see us explore more robot designs. We'll do both, the question is which, when...

West Wind will be carrying these in the UK at some point.