It’s a cog eat cog world… B%TCH

Robots were never designed to be human. When the robot apocalypse finally came and people weren’t around to call the shots anymore, civilization collapsed in a pile of useless junk: a caricature of what used to be. The big network collectives that engineered the catyclysm buckled under their own virtual weight, driven insensible perhaps by random virus spawnings that plague anything with a microchip. Who knows. The end result is a massively fractured and dysfunctional society where every day dawns for robotkind on a desperate scrabble for survival.


Dec 19, 2010 - By Jim Bailey

Well, nobody ever accused me of being able to draw but I scribble stuff occasionally anyway. Here's a little guy I was thinking about this weekend and had to get something down. Foud hisself a little gold nugget he did! more>>

SID Combots Shipping Now

Nov 24, 2010 - By Jim Bailey

Sorry again for the delay, folks. I just got the remastered castings in today and they look great. Will try to get some in the mail today but running out of time. Any that don't go out today go out Friday as tomorrow is a US holiday and the post office is closed... more>>

Dog Face Update

Nov 15, 2010 - By Jim Bailey

Jeff has remastered the originals in resin then built the master moulds out of non-shrink silicone. We have zero ovalization. Sweet! Again, sorry for the delay. Won't be long now.

Jim more>>

I'm Melting, I'm meelllltiing...

Nov 04, 2010 - By Jim Bailey

Jeff says cold cure moulding goods are arriving tomorrow for the recast. May ship sooner than I said :-). We'll see. I'm staring at hundreds of gorgeous little models that are getting ready to be dumped back into the melting pot. Oh noooooo..., saaave us!.  Since nobody cancelled, I have gone ahead and accepted payment cos they were about to expire per the terms of paypal and the credit card companies. If you find you desire a refund, please, do not hesitate to let us know.

Jim more>>

Shipping delay

Nov 02, 2010 - By Jim Bailey

 Hey gang,

We got the stock in and neither I, Pat, or the caster are happy with these. The mould compression has made the cylinders of the body very slightly oval in plan view. Detail is crisp though! We're sending the castings back to the melting pot and the caster is going to remould with thicker, non-shring silicone and low pressure. Create two moulds so we can spin the fiddly bitz faster and the fat bitz slower.

There will be a 3 week delay in shipping. I have not accepted payment from anyone's credit cards so if you want your more>>

Pardon The Dust

Oct 28, 2010 - By Jim Bailey

 Sorry for the mess. Tim's continuing to work on the site. Note new home page. Alas, shopify isn't liking the SMF theme so the forums are a bit wonky. We'll get it sorted shortly.

Jim more>>

Robot concept

Oct 27, 2010 - By Jim Bailey

Wow! awesome response. As we try to get a handle on where this should go, lots of ideas are floating around. Everyone is over at teh forums cooking up home-brewed rules and fluff. Jump in on the fun. Pat's currently working on some new models. He's shown me some of the concepts for "Doozer" which is a little Wall-E crossed with tatooine scrapbot sort of fellow. Also a big beast of a shooter called Angus.  Below is one of Tammy's concepts. Andy has some great concept stuff he's working on as well. Will post more soon. As always, chime in more>>

On Robots

Oct 26, 2010 - By Jim Bailey

Robots do not govern nations

Robots do not dream

Robots do not eat hot dogs more>>

Store Functions

Oct 26, 2010 - By Jim Bailey

 By the way, Junk and Incursion are just two sections of what over time will be developed into components of a single parent website. All store functions are integrated. In other words, you can put stuff in your cart from both Incursion and Junk and check out all at once...

Jim more>>


Oct 26, 2010 - By Jim Bailey

 Hi all

The site is still a little dusty and best viewed in Firefox at the moment. It's a mess in IE.  It went live a bit unexpectedly so I don't have my big "speech" prepared. Anyway, here we go! These cute little guys were sculpted by Patrick Keith and based on those concept models I did that some of you may have seen. Pat is a real joy to work with. We hope to do one release per month so long as interest keeps up. Will get some painted versions up as soon as I get around to more>>