Ack! I’ve been pummeled with emails asking to buy these guys now since I mentioned that stock was in hand. Okay, painted versions to follow shortly :-). These two new models are available here and now through our online store. I expect they will become available through West Wind in Europe in the next couple of weeks. Distribution will take a bit of time to trickle down.

Note: the Blitzhund pics are actually WIP. Seth added a small bit of fur to the nape of the Blitzhund’s neck, running down the small of his back for the final production mould. I hope to get pics of that little additional bit up for you all soon. The barrel is being painted just like Tears of Envy’s art in the gallery :-). The model is in 3 pieces: barrel, torso, and legs with a meaty ball-joint between torso and legs and a tight pin joint at the hand and barrel meaning assembly is easy but you can choose to have your Blitzhund vaulting over something other than a barrel with no real cutting required.

Check the Germans area of the online store.

New toys, yay!!!!