So, the term Magnum Opus keeps flitting about the studio. Be it this Movie Poster or Seth’s latest creation, or what the rules design team is doing. Each and every bit that is promulgated is dredged deep from the souls of the creators as their very best work and seems to fit the bill of “Magnum Opus”....just like Hugo and V-5. While I go giddy with the sound of that hallowed phrase, I can’t but wonder what we do about the Magnum Opus in plural. What if everything we do is better yet than anything we’ve done before? Would it be a Magnum Opie? Sorry, that totally doesn’t work. It drags up images of Little Ronnie Howard sporting a Tom Selleck moustache

At any rate, I think this latest offering from Tears of Envy falls into the category of “MO”, but then I’m slack-jawed at everything our beloved illuminator from across the Atlantic devises. Three cheers for Tammy! May we see many more…

In other news:

Blitzhund and Hans should be released in the USA by next week: good lord willin’ and the creeks don’t rise. Just awaiting paint by the eminent Alden. Hurry up you pokey bastard! Alden keeps promising to make available through this website, resin versions of the bases he has created for the studio models. We must forgive him as he has a significant other that he is working to keep :-) Look at that jaw he has! Must be easier for him than the rest of us shlumpy mortals…

We have released the public Beta and are getting a great deal of feedback both privately and in public. Yes, there are a couple of holes! But not many…at all >-). We are pleased to welcome to our ranks of internal testers the indomitable Andy Dunks of the USA and Juan Mieza who recently translated the Beta Incursion ruleset into Spanish. We continue to work on all the new units and missions as well as refining everything you see in the Beta. Please don’t hesitate to jump right into the conversation. We think you’ll find that our crew is just in it for the glory of this damned thing…for pure perfection. No egos, no agendas…just pure perfection…and we desperately want to hear what you have to say.

Next up: Adepticon USA! Grindhouse Games has partnered with Adepticon to provide an APE model to every single player. We have created a special production mould to produce 800 Grunt APEs: one for each and every participant on the 40k side. Watch the Adepticon site next week for all the gory details. Well, there aren’t many more gory details actually… John and I, as organizers of the Alamo Warhammer GT, Indy stronghold and official circuit event are proud to sponsor our brothers at Adepticon. Seth is just along for the ride, bless his heart:-)

Enough rambling. Without further ado, the poster:

Here is a high-res version of the poster for all you crazy cats who’d like to print it out at large scale for your own wall or to print out some flyers at 8-1/2×11 or 11×17 to impress all the the girls or, more likely, the goons at your favorite local gaming store. We encourage this! If your gaming store is already carrying Incursion or you really really want them to, contact us and we’ll send you some flyers for the counter :-)

Movie Poster 1

Feast thine eyes oh Grinders: