Day D+24- Death From Above

Yay! 110 was a tough nut, but we cracked that sucker. Even if it drops a bit, we're considering it hit. Let's go get us another Blazer.

Though it's doing great, the campaign probably isn't going to hit a gazillion dollars and unlock tons and tons of freebies for Buckets of Blood (though it will hit some, I'm sure) so we're continuing to analyze that pledge level to see how, besides allowing switch-outs of board and t-shirts, we can sweeten the deal for you a bit more. We have a couple of ideas. First among them is unlocking the Zombie Bombardier special pack as a freebie for you. We're 90% of the way to making that decision. We'll have more ideas as we get closer to the conclusion of the campaign. Stay with Buckets. We'll make some good stuff happen.

News of the day! Come on back by the campaign tomorrow for the Fallschirmjager Drop. We'll have an old school metal starter pack, a reinforcements pack, and some dice for you to pledge for:-) Check this out:



Thanks to Paul Murray for the observation that if Drop Troopers are to be playable against the German SWD, they need a different card background color! Perhaps the powers that be feel Hugo has gone too far and that the deployment of the Doomsday Device is just too horrible for humanity to contemplate...

Hauptman Hildegard Becker, the Valkyrie :I've always wanted to do this character. Is that a spear???'s Gungnir.



And here's the MG-42 Trooper, with period-specific textile (as opposed to armor spray) camo pattern and MG-42.

We're still doing a bunch of photoshop work to insert all this into the campaign. Come back around and see us tomorrow!

Happy Saturday...