The Exclusive Pack

There are two ways a unit gets developed here at the Grindhouse:

1)      We feel a playable force could use or even need a certain type of unit

2)      We just have an idea for a concept that we would like to see on the board

Now, this isn’t an either/or situation, it’s one then the other. So we might have some crazy idea for a unit we’d like to see, we then craft stats based on what a playable force could use. Otherwise, it’s taking what a playable force can use and then trying to come up with a crazy idea. We then play test it until it breaks by pitting the unit against and alongside even extreme requisition point builds, in addition to more traditional force builds. Let’s take a look at the Kickstarter Exclusive Character Pack #1. These are beta rules!


Nigel- It’s a giant, V-gas mutated English Bulldog, Is that not enough of a raison d’etre? Fine! It’s a tough unit in a force of mostly glass jaws, and an exclusively hand to hand unit in a force pool that, for the most part, doesn’t do hand to hand. You get this puppy in front of a line of Sturmzombies and he will plow right through them! Good Boy, Nigel! Need to put a bad dog down? Gang up or shoot him, lots.


Ack-Pack- As it stands, the MI-13 is a very offensive force, and I’m not referring to the smell (and they smell better than the APEs, trust me)! We thought a flame-unit would give them a bit of defensive/control ability that they currently lack. Sure, the white phosphorous on the Grenadier's Piat gives you some flame counters, but the flamethrower has so much control that you can write your name with it in cursive. Light up a section of Gibraltar exactly as you’d like, then toss in some zombie bait. Delicious! It's still a very fragile unit, though. Be sure to save 2 CP to kill Booby Trap or, the even more dreaded, Rackley Hated His Mask!

Rosie- The concept started life as an APE medic and we rounded her out. Anyone who’s going to be patching up the men of the Lucky 7th will also need to know her way around an acetylene torch. John watched a lot of Flashdance, just to make sure he got it right. She has Power Tools, which works in the exact same fashion as Han’s club (1dd in HtH, add 2 to the result) and two new abilities: Heal and Combat Engineer. Heal has the same result as Medic Pack (restore all DP) but it costs Rosie 4 AP to use it and she needs to have the recipient of her ministrations in the square next to her. Combat Engineer allows Rosie to cancel the following cards: Power Surge, Cave In, Hidden Tunnel and Flooded Tunnel by spending her AP at the normal kill costs so you aren’t burning CP in order to get rid of them. Rosie can keep the APEs fighting, but she has to stay close and can’t do much of anything else to achieve this. I also can’t vouch for her combat effectiveness unless she’s sitting on a crate, eating a sandwich.

Hugo von X- We had to do it. Hugo is the man: the prime mover! The only thing left to decide- do we make him the most monstrous of the monsters or a snake-shouldered cerebral type? We went with snake-shoulders. He has the coveted Tactical Fulcrum ability as well as the unique Science!. This modifies his creations in certain unpleasant (for the opponent) ways. For Sturmzombies, any beneficial enhancement cards can’t be killed. Bomberzombies always perform a Blaze of Glory and pick up Strength in Numbers. Blitzhunds become Fortitude 6 and The Panzeraffe loses Simian. Pretty rough, isn’t it? Best way to take care of the situation? Fill Hugo full of holes. it’s not hard!

Brigitte- This is a first for us: a mercenary character that can fight for anyone. The first question we asked ourselves was whether every force in the game could take her simultaneously and if not, what mechanism would we use to ensure that only one player gets her? Our answer: RP bidding! It’s a free market system! Both of you bid and high bid spends that amount of RPs for her (loser gets to spend RP he/she bid on other stuff as normal). What happens in a tie? Answer: Brigitte has suckered both of you! Neither you nor your opponent get to use that amount of RP to select units (but you still get CP and cards based on the original mission RP level). Regarding her stats, she’s not exceptional but for Psychic Powers. She has four and must declare which one she is using as soon as she activates:

  1. Teleport- Brigitte can move to any square in LOS, maintaining original facing.
  2. Confuse- May prevent any one model on the board from using CP or Tactical Fulcrum during its next activation,
  3. Invincibility- Brigitte gains +2 to F until her next activation,
  4. Ricochet- Select an enemy model within 12 squares (may be out of LOS) and attack it with 1 DD, +3 to the result.

See some potential for these? Fast move, short circuit enemy strategy, weather fire, or put a wound on someone! There are two surefire counters to Brigitte- 1) bid higher 2) shoot her when she’s not invincible (or shoot her a lot when she is!)