This article is a review of the mechanism “Reaction Fire” in the game Incursion. It’s intended for prospective and new players as old hands already know everything I’m about to write.


Reaction Fire allows a model that is suitably equipped and has ended its turn with no enemies in LOS to fire upon enemy models as they come into view. It activates automatically upon meeting the two above criteria. Now that’s important! Suitably equipped is evident right from the start of the game and nothing can be done to change it, but the second criteria can be influenced. The way to do so is to give your opponent more targets than (s)he can possibly take out with the ap/cp available. The number of targets you need depends on the Fortitude and Wound value of the targets vs. the initial model’s offensive abilities. So you either need a few big targets or a lot of little ones but with some planning it can be done! The “how-to” will vary depending on mission and board set up but what you need to think about is your opponent’s objective and lines of approach and then endeavor to get there first. If you achieve this then your opponent’s ap/cp expenditure to achieve Reaction Fire will be enormous!

This might not always be possible, but there are several ways to deal with a model that is currently on Reaction Fire:

1)      Feed the Guns: This is simply providing a target to fire at until the model rolls doubles and runs low on ammo

2)      Quitting While You’re Ahead: Starts off as a Feed the Guns but your model gets a few squares in without becoming a casualty. Your opponent has yet to run low on ammo but you decide to stop there and bring in other models behind using the initial model as an LOS blocker (this works great at an intersection)

3)      Tap-Tap: Initiating a Hand to Hand attack knocks a model off of Reaction Fire. Ideally, this will be a model that you had maneuvered around behind the offending model but most likely it’s you deciding to not Quit While You’re Ahead and attempting to get a model into hand to hand range while being shot at. Perfectly valid tactic which I’ve used on many occasions.

4)      Ignore: Be like water and flow around the obstruction. This can be a serious ap/cp investment, though.


So, there you are: how to prevent Reaction Fire and how to deal with it in the few instances where you can’t prevent it.