Hi gang. Well, the time is ripe and we’ve playtested the basic rules and a couple of missions to the point where we’re comfortable sharing them with you all. You can now pick up the Incursion Beta on the downloads page. The Beta document contains an introduction that talks about how to assemble your Beta Incursion set as well as explaining our philosophy behind Beta releases. We have also created a child forum under Incursion to discuss the Beta over at the forums. We hope that you will all dig your teeth into this thing and give us some great feedback. Don’t be shy…we’re doing this for you.

All of you who are planning on making your own 3D board, give me a shout as I have a bit more info to pass on than this. It is information that is really only relevant if you intend to go 3d though so please restrain yourselves from asking if you don’t intend to go 3d but instead plan to play the game as a board.

Please read the introduction carefully before beginning.

Thanks so much for your support everyone. We look forward to tales of glory and fun!!!