Hi folks! First in a series of articles that we'd like to write for the one or two new players that we anticipate bringing on board. That means fresh meat for all of you OG Incursion fans. Now, the ethical thing to do would be to point them in the direction of these articles and then play against them, but I know you: you're going to crush a n00b. And that's fine, I accept and love you for who you are but no more than two games! I understand that you have to pad your W column but three times is excessive. Without further ado:


Zombie Management

John Roberts

                This article is a review of the concept of “Zombie Management” in the game Incursion. It’s intended for prospective and new players as old hands already know everything I’m about to write.

                Zombie Management is a key skill for the SWD player. Sturmzombies are the most unique unit type in Incursion and are both mandatory and vital. Much of Zombie Management is an art, more than a science. You master it playing game after game after game. That’s the primary reason for the first mission in the book: You have 6 Sturmzombies to manage from a single viable entryway. It’s a challenge.

                Please note: I’ll be using some basic statistics in certain areas. It’s done just to provide a general idea. I have found that statistics give us an idealized average that we will never realize in our imperfect world, but it does give us a good starting point. We here at Grindhouse Games always examine the statistical data but ultimately nothing counts until you slap it on the table.

                Because it’s mostly an art, I’m going to focus on two areas that I have found to be the most important aspects of Zombie Management:

1)      Getting Them Out of the Chute

2)      Lining Up for the Attack Run

                Getting Them Out of the Chute: This is the act of trying to get all of your Sturmzombies on the board as far out as they can go. The goal is to be able to use all 5 AP for the last Sturmzombie out. You need to determine one thing to start: How many Sturmzombies are going that direction? Then you can start calculating how many CP you’d have to burn so that the last Sturmzombie can spend all of his ap. Calculation is simply (assuming no doors or inconveniently placed turn)  cp needed=number of zombies following current. So if we have 6 Sturmzombies in the chute, the first one has five Sturmzombies following so it needs 5 cp in addition to its ap in order to clear ahead far enough. A door would require an additional cp. An inconvenient turn would also require an additional cp. So in mission 1, assuming you’re rushing everyone forward the same direction, you would need 16 cp (1 for the door +5+4+3+2+1) to completely clear the chute. Now, take those 6 same Sturmzombies and split 3 going one direction and 3 going another and you only need 6 cp (or 7 if one of those directions is through a door). More available chutes and a greater number of viable routes swiftly decreases the number of cp needed to get all of the Sturmzombies on the board. Now, you might not have the cp resources to completely clear the chute. That’s ok. Just be cognizant of the situation and plan accordingly.

                Lining Up for the Attack Run: Three words- Strength in Numbers. Just to state the rule before discussion:

 each zombie beyond the first that makes a HTH attack on the same enemy model in the course of the German Turn gains +1 DD per HTH attack. This is cumulative so that the second zombie rolls 2DD per attack, the third 3DD per attack, and so on.

A single Sturmzombie is going to have a heck of a time taking down an undamaged APE. Our ideal statistical world of perfect averages would tell us that our Sturmzombie is going to need to expend 12 ap/cp in order to do it. Can it be done in 2? Sure, I’ve done it plenty of times. But I have the Devil’s Own Luck which I received in exchange for my Immortal Soul and can’t reasonably condone Faustian Deals as a viable Incursion winning tactic. A second Sturmzombie can statistically kill and undamaged APE in 6 ap/cp. A third Sturmzombie can do it in 4 ap/cp. So how does it work? It’s done by wasting as little CP on the first Sturmzombie as possible. Get in and hit the APE once, then get Sturmzombie #2 in there. Granted, if Sturmzombie #1 still has ap available, flail away (unless hitting the APE and moving away would make it easier for Sturmzombie #2 to get in there).