Howdy folks. Behold Ilsa. Alden is slowly working his way through the range. He’ll be tackling the remaining four APEs over the next month or so. Nothing irks us more than plain white metal!

A bit of an update on things:

The sculpting team is getting back into the swing of things. Hans von X (who you guys have not seen yet) is done and ready for mastering. Drohn is moving along nicely as well.Seth is already at work on the Blitzhund.

Tears of Envy is hard at work on the board layout. At the moment the biggest challenge is how to deal with perspective on a large board while not obscuring intersections between playable squares. Once we get over that hump, things should move fairly quickly.

Playtesting continues. We’re finding fewer and fewer holes every week. The next task is to begin testing all the german reinforcements. I expect that the month of February might see a beta be released. Possibly early march depending on how thing go.

Anyway, enjoy Ilsa. Here she is!