Gindhouse has now published enough material for our visual style to be
defined. I would like to share with readers the process I went through
to reach this point.

When Jim brought me on board and described Incursion, one of the first
questions I asked myself was, “how can I make the design different”? By
virtue of its DieselPunk/Weird War II theme, the game has similarities
to titles like Tannhauser, Crimson Skies and Dust. I wanted our
publication to sit along side these in terms of quality, but to be
distinct in its look.

These other works have tended to use a common visual theme of wartime
paper ephemera. Best articulated by Tannhauser, they use a scrap-book
like presentation which works wonderfully. So, how could we be
different? The answer came from our company name: Grindhouse. I chose to
explore a more cinematic design inspired by 1940s propaganda films,
1950s “Duck & Cover” information reels and finally the exploitation
cinema that gives us our nom de guerre. This is articulated by the use
of celluloid strips, distributor and laboratory logos, warning stencils
and film poster layouts. It has sometimes been a struggle for me not to
pull things too far in one of these three directions, but so far I think
I have restrained myself.

So, what can fans expect in the future? The answer is: more gorgeous
artwork from Keith, more opulent layouts for rules and decals and
eventually a box and rulebook that will blow you away. I leave you with the
three “mood boards” I did last summer to show Jim the direction I wanted to
go in to set the mood of the game.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Tears of Envy