But I've got nothing I can show you. Sorry.

While you are waiting, might I suggest building a 3D board? I'm using the Herrodadog method as Herrodadog has gone to quite a bit of effort to detail the different steps taken to build the board ( see http://thehistoricalminiaturist.blogspot.com/search/label/Incursion for said details). Now, that's not the only method as quite a few Incursion fans have built there own (search the current and old forum for examples) and you're more than welcome to use the method that best suits you, or to come up with your own. I'm doing mine using 2" squares (I'm looking at you and your 50mm base, Gracie) and going the low detail/high detail route. What does that mean? It means laying a grid on the tile as is and doing walls and doorframes, no pipes or fans or posters (yet). Concerning doors, with doorframes worked up the cardboard doors that came with the boxed set look nice! I still recommend Fenris Games for their doors and you will need twenty total if you want to run the full double board (which you do). Tell Ian that Grindhouse Games sent you and then pester him about SNAFU counters. I'm building the board out on tiles running 5x6 squares, which gives me 12 tiles total (because someday I will get the Random Incursion ironed out! God as my witness!!)

Oh, this will run about $70 assuming 3 things: 1) You already have a Styrofoam cutter (and you should) 2) You already have the actual doors and 3) You're paying retail for all of the material (which you can probably avoid). I used The Home Depot and Hobby Lobby for materials but since they refused to pay me an endorsement feel free to use whomever is easiest for you. Hobby Lobby does have some great coupon deals on their website.

Fine, I'll give you another little tidbit even though Jim hates it when I do this: we did a market study and female miniatures sell better. So the new Blitzhund is going to be female. We expect her to sell four times as well as Gretel because she's going to have four times the number of teats that Gretel does.