I don’t get asked to draw brains in jars very often. That just doesn’t
seem to come around so much, so when the opportunity arises to draw a
floating cranium with machine guns… it’s a real treat! I think in
that sense it makes the Stahlsoldat a bit of juxtaposition. On one hand
you have this kind of this odd floating contraption with a brain in
it. You know, something you might walk up to just to look at out of
pure curiosity. Then the other hand, he’s a killing machine who wields
head popping pincer claws and heavy machine guns!

Hopefully you might take that sort of emotion from the Stahlsoldat. As
an illustrator, you’re always trying to capture some kind of feeling
from the character you’re working on. For the Blitzhund it was a
fierce and raw intensity, the Lucky Seventh – a power and heroism, and
from the Sturmzombies – an undead… well… zombie creepiness! You can
achieve this through the posing of the character, through facial
expressions, or even utilizing dynamic lighting. It can be challenging
to find this and make the character of the art supplement the model
it’s based on. This challenge is made much easier when you have
photos of those lovely minis to work from, and the Incursion
sculpting team was able to provide just that! What a wonderful set of
figures you have to look forward to. Certainly big thanks from me to
them for their steady stream of photo reference.

In the end it’s been a joy to have the opportunity to paint so many
different kinds of characters. The Incursion team has really done a
great job of creating a wide variety of character types. Zombies with
naval mines in their tummies, American GI’s in powered armor suits, a
former British rugby player turned war hero, and of course mutated
German women with machine guns. There’s always been an element of
surprise when I look in my inbox and see what I might be working on

It’s been great to be able to play a small part in the production of
Incursion. I hope you enjoy the art as much as I have enjoyed making