Howdy folks. It's been awhile since my last post. As you all probably know, Grindhouse is really more of a hobby for me and John B. than a business. As such, life sometimes gets in the way of things. I have some good news, however! My good friend John Roberts (moderator robertsjf on the forums) is joining our merry band. The plan at the moment is for John to gradually take over all aspects of Grindhouse USA day to day business: procurement, packing, shipping, customer service, marketing, etc. I will be moving into more of a design oversight role as John handles the coordination and lion's share of the design. I'm very excited about all this and you should be too. It means we can move forward! John R. and I have been hatching up schemes. We're starting small but there are some big ideas! Stay tuned for more. Just a hint: we have Keith Lowe lined up for some more concept art :-)

Tally ho!