I can’t tell you all what a pleasure it is working with such an incredibly talented and passionate group of creatives. Alden must have been working on Christmas day to get this lovely beast painted up! I know he is planning to do a tutorial on painting APEs pretty soon here to help out all of us lesser mortals who can only aspire to this level of painting. I have not yet painted one up myself as we only received the US stock just over a week ago. I’ve managed to assemble a squad led by the mighty Slugger Murphy though and am awaiting Alden’s wisdom and sharpening my brushes.

Note the rank badges and spade squad markings as well as the division marker on the right shoulder pad. The left pad is reserved for personalization and I expect we’ll see some interesting stuff by Alden as well as some cool transfers by Tears of Envy.

Without further ado, Grunt APE 1 !