We’re up and running! A big thanks to everyone involved. This website is a work in progress and we intend to add some new features over time but the fundamentals are all here.

A little bit about the Grindhouse for those of you who don’t know us:

Our primary design goals are to develop an unparalleled gaming experience, create a unique miniatures catalog of the very highest quality, and do good art. By good art, we mean that we intend to push the limits of what many may have come to expect from the genre of Weird WWII and give you, the audience some serious meat to chew on.

Be warned! We’re pretty irreverent in our approach. We’re doing a comic book viewed through the lens of a seventies Grindhouse flick so don’t expect much in the way of realism. You can, however, expect excellence :-)

Check out the Wave I releases in the store. The Incursion game will include many more miniatures choices than what you see here. Wave II is even now underway and we intend to release models as they become available. Note that we have a few unpainted models out there. Our painters are working furiously and every few days we should have more images of painted models up for you to see. We expect that the game will not include miniatures in the boxed set so start painting now to be ready for the June/July 2009 release! Just wait until you see what else is on the way!

Well, that’s all from me for now

Thanks for visiting the site. I hope you’ll check back every now and then to see what we’re up to. If nothing else, you’ll probably find me or one of the other gang here ranting on the blog :-)

Oh, and buy some toys!