Hey everyone, shill hat on here. Most of you are aware of Tabletop Gaming News. It's a fantastic resource with daily reports on what's happening in the gaming world. Outlets like this...and this one in particular have allowed a whole bunch of small companies like Grindhouse to get out there in front of people and be seen...and therefore EXIST. Zac Belado and  the other guys like Ken and Grant at TGN are serious gaming junkies who do this for fun...just like we do here at the Grindhouse. I beseech you all to take a moment and go pledge your support to TGN by throwing a few bucks into the raffle. Lots of great prizes in the pot but that's not really what it's about. It's about the sustenance of grass-roots wargaming! Power to the people. Choice resides with us...but we will only make good choices if we are informed. Support TGN today!


Thanks brothers and sisters...

I think Zac needs an anual fundraising drive like NPR with mugs and t-shirts and limited edition minis and stuff :-)