Okay, comic cons are pretty weird. This was my first one. John and John and Erik had been to some I'm sure but I was a noob. Lots of random transects of society and crazy costumes. Exhibitionists too! There was this Wonder Woman who came over and literally shoved her massive exposed tits into the faces of all the folks who were doing demos. Bit uncomfortable for the guys who had wives standing by. Stormtroopers were cool though! Who am I kidding...tits rocked.

We all had a good time. Tons of games of Incursion were played. My kids in particular had a wonderful time. Got to meet some great folks. I've been trying to turn Incursion into a comic book for a couple of years and might just pull it off with the contacts I made this weekend. Met some video game dudes too. We'll see. Highlight of the weekend? Tiffany Franzoni. Period. Tiffany is the older sister of my old Warhammer buddy Royce. Her stall was right across from mine. I hadn't met her before. As soon as we strode through the gates for setup, she sauntered up and exclaimed, "hey, I know you!" She is an incredibly vivacious firebrand who is an accountant in real life. Runs a soon-to-be-huge game shop called Role 2 Play. John Roberts and I are turning her business card into an actual game :-)

Good times.

Pic below is of brand-new Incursion fan Tim Stewart with shit-eating grin and his copy of the game in front of the graphic display.