Well, I considered waiting for June 6th. It's only a couple weeks away. It's a date that looms large in my life. My Grandfather stormed Omaha Beach on that day in 1944. My wife and I were married on that day in 1998. As appropriate as it would have been, I'll just have to settle for this randomly inauspicious Sunday in late May. Not much else of note has happened on this day in history. Martha Washington died May 22, 1802 and Jimmy Carter reaffirmed his commitment to civil rights on this day in 1977. 1977 was a good year by the way. That's the year Star Wars hit the big screen. I was 7 years old. I blame all this nonsense on Star Wars. If it weren't for that movie, Grindhouse Games probably wouldn't exist. That's where it all began. But I digress.  

SNAFU is officially released in North America as of right now. The webstore is all stocked up. One distributor has pre-ordered. If you would rather support your FLGS, get them to bug their distributors NOW. West Wind should be up and running with the SNAFU release in a week or two. Their stock will be in early this week but it will take them some time to get organized. If you are in Europe, I STRONGLY suggest you buy from them or one of our retailers like Wayland or Maelstrom. Shipping costs from USA are not pretty. OZ/NZ: same deal. Martin at Little Soldiers should have his website updated in the next week or so as well.

Remember, you access the various areas of the store through the buttons on the side of the website titled "the game", "allies", and "germans". And please be patient with me as I work to get all the orders out. This is the one week every year or so where I really could use a couple of employees! Any questions? Shoot me an email or drop by the forums.

What's new on the website:

The Game

SNAFU!- I'm already blue in the face talking this up. You know what it is. Go get it! Note that there are some additional print and play resources available on the downloads page of this site. Absolutely free.

Fat Stack- SNAFU plus all 12 new models at a small discount

Double Feature- Incursion and SNAFU bundled for cheap!

Buckets of Blood- A mega deal to end all.


Sturmzombies I- Original 6 zeds repackaged at a small discount

Sturmzombies II - 6 new zeds by Pat Keith

Blitzhund II- Excellent variant sculpt

Drohne  - Say no more

Panzeraffe- Giant ape with a machine gun. Go figure! Painted shots will be up in a couple days.


Bazooka APE- Pretty self explanatory

Zip Kelly, the Hurricane- Mystery Man for MI-13


Gracie - long awaited mech for MI-13. Painted shots will be up in a couple days.