That's what's flyin' out of the belfries of the King William keep this evening. All pre-order special deals from the Grindhouse webstore have been shipped (along with the various bitz you have all ordered in addition). If you can't find the top hatch for Gracie, look in the Blitzhund/Zip bag in your set. My kids and I missed it on the first bitz sorting pass this weekend :-). Just waiting on some more flying bases for Drohne to be able to ship out Australian pre-order deals to Martin. Another few days. Or maybe Martin has some!!! Only need a few.

The book is real purty by the way...

Rollout is happening people. West Wind will have their books and models as soon as humanly possible. US webstore goes live with new stuff as soon as Tom hands me photos of painted Zip, Gracie, and Panzeraffe.

Peace, Jim