I just about shot beer up my nose laughing when I read that. Tom Schadle quote refering to Jason Weibe's Panzeraffe sculpt. Indeed, Mr. Weibe gives good monkey :-). The first massive boxes of Grindhouse North American stock of new models just arrived. I'm pretty drop-jawed as this is the first time I've actually held the sculpts in hand. Oh my goodness. I think I have seriously underpriced Panzeraffe and moderately underpriced Gracie. Panzeraffe is like 65mm tall and weighs so much it would literally crack a hole in your skull if your buddy got pissed off at losing a game of Incursion and chukked it at you. The precision of the castings is amazing, across the board.

Again, expecting books this week. Pre-orders should be out the door this time next week. Keep fingers crossed!

One bummer: the masters that were shipped to Tom for painting from Griffin of Panzeraffe, Gracie, and Zip never made it. I just shipped him a new set. This means we are still a couple weeks from seeing painted versions of the most magnificent figs of the expansion. I'm not doing hard release until we get those pics in! Tom, you better bus' yo ass!

Peace upon you all. More updates as they come in...