Printing locally certainly has it's perqs. Our rep is this really great guy named Mark Mayfield. He's an arts afficionado and all-around renaissance man. He seems to be seeking any excuse to come visit my architecture firm or come by my house which is in the oldest historic district in Texas cos he's just that interested in stuff. I've been blown away by his primary hobby: photographing endangered species. Really amazing stuff. Standing around, he identified a pair of less than common woodpeckers eating out of the cat food bowl outside :-).  We stopped press Monday because we weren't happy with the paper. He came by the casa this evening with an absolutely stunning set of proofs and mockups. The presses roll! Books will be in-hand next week.

I must say I am very proud of what we have done here.Yeah, it's just a 64 page book but it's the most beautiful thing Grindhouse Games has produced to date. This expansion went much much smoother than the initial game. Some of it was a learning curve on my part but really, this thing has been all about the people OTHER than me. Let me share some of my feelings about these people:

Peter Bogdasarian: Peter is one heck of a guy. I can say that about all the folks who worked on this but it's especially true of him. Peter tapped right into the vein of my vision and took off. He wrote the whole dang book! I designed the characters and rules for them but he did the rest. 19 missions and loads of fiction! I wonder if he understands what we have built here even better than I. I think maybe he does. Peter's a lawyer in real life and like me, does this for fun. Bless you Peter. This is all on you, baby! Be proud...

Carl Brown: Carl took the raw bits of loveliness we all produced and made it wonderful. Many of you may know him from various forums as a thousand hats.Carl is a serious professional with mad skilz. Though Tammy and David, bless their dear hearts, created the visual splendor that is Incursion, Carl has taken it to a new level of graphic sophistication. He has been an utter pleasure to work with.

The Beta Testers: Peter's words. " best ever". These missions and new character rules were put through the meat grinder. They were chewed up and spit back out in new forms over and over again. John Roberts stands out even amongst this most professional crew. John has been NECESSARY. You all can see a picture of him on the first page of the book kicking my ass as he always does when we play :-)

Tom Schadle, the painter: Tom has won like a gazillion Golden Demons. He's the painter for the whole new wave of models save Drohne (Ruben Torregrosa) and he totally rocks. He wrote and photographed a great big painting tutorial that is included in the book. You people are in for a real treat!

The sculptors: Patrick Keith, Andy Cooper, Andy Rawlings, Jason Weibe, Dominique Seys. I can tell you stories of just how rad each of these guys are but I'm getting tired of typing :-)

Keith Lowe: Brother Keith of Mercs Minis keeps up the incredible output for this volume. Keith did all the character art for this book as he did the previous release and most importantly, designed Gracie.  

Thanks brothers. You all did a wonderful job.

Won't be long now! Still awaiting painted/finished pics of Gracie, Panzeraffe, and Zip. Can't wait!