Thanks again to everyone who ordered. If you ordered more stuff than the pre-order deal, it will ship at the same time as the pre-order. Speaking of which, the minis are all mastered up, production moulds created, and production casting begun. Just awaiting a fat shipment from Griffin. The book is being printed here locally in San Antonio so all I have to do is drive my pickup up the road to load up the boxes. No four month wait from China, yee-haw! It will then take a bit of time to package everything but I think I can safely say we will ship in 3 weeks. Maybe a bit sooner, maybe a bit later. I will not do hard release until I have shipped all preorders...including the bulk packages to Europe and Australia.

In the interim, we will see the last three minis get painted up by Tom Schadle. IMO we are saving the best for last: Gracie, Panzeraffe and Zip Kelly. Stay tuned!

By the way, Supervike placed the very first order ever in the Grindhouse store, thousands of packages ago. He managed to snag the first SNAFU preorder this time around. Going to have to put in a special prize for that ;-)

And, in case I forgot to say it: thank you....all of you. Grindhouse Games is nothing without you.

Jim Bailey