Hola compadres

Thanks to all of you for your pre-orders. They are really starting to come in fast. Maybe because the deadline is approaching! I will cut them off tomorrow night at right about this time so get your order in if you want the special price and fastest delivery. As a most excruciatingly small game company, your pre-orders are really what make it possible for us to do stuff like this. Seriously, thank you one and all. Australian and European preorders still up at Little Soldiers and West Wind but will end shortly as well.

I think you all are going to be really blown away by the new book. It achieves a previously unknown (for us anyway) height of graphic sophistication and utter cool. Below is a little art piece by Andy Cooper and Keith Lowe from it. Also below is Tom Schadle's rendering of the Bazooka APE!

Order now people. 24 hours left for preorders...