Europe and Oz/NZ, keep watching this blog and the forums. Will let you know as soon as the deals go up at West Wind and Little Soldiers. Having some technical issues over in Manchester :-)

By the way, the US retail prices for the expansion products when we do hard release next month (when everything is painted) is as follows:

INC05 SNAFU Expansion Book    $25.00
INC107 Bazooka APE (1 model) $13.00
INC209 Blitzhund II (1 model) $11.00
INC210 Drohne (1 Model) $11.00
INC211 Panzeraffe (1 Model) $20.00
INC213 Sturmzombies Pack B (6 models) $24.00
INC305 Zip Kelly (1 model) $9.00
INC306 Gracie (1 model) $25.00