That's what the new book is called. Seems appropriate. Situation Normal, All Fucked Up.

The book is absolutely loaded with new fluffy bits, vignettes, and short stories by Peter. Here's one little gem that I just had to share. It's called "Grenade Drill"

In the Pacific, Marines in danger of being overrun would drop a grenade just outside their foxhole and cover up at the bottom. Down in Gibraltar, there are no foxholes to take cover in, but the APE exoskeletons favored by the Americans are almost as good. When the Browning jams and the Sturmzombies get too tight, some APEs reach for a Mk 2 and drop it at their own feet.

The blast won’t always get through their armor, whereas the zombies eventually will. Veterans of a grenade drill often paint a small cartoon bomb on their right arm. The most foolhardy APE in the Division – “Boomer” Red – has twelve bombs stretching from his biceps to his wrist.