Thought I might drop a line to you fine folks, give an update and some sneak peeks. As I said previously, we have a brand new 64 (yeah, it's grown) page missions book that is absolutely loaded with character and fun on the way. To accompany said tome, we are producing 12 new models. They are as follows:

-6 new zed sculpts to bulk out your horde and add serious character. These will be a single pack. The first six zeds will also be repackaged as a single pack and both of these will be available for less money per model than you've been spending on the two-pack clamshells. The zeds are done, mastered, and painted by zillions of Golden Demons winner Tom Schadle. Want a preview? Nahhh...we'll wait a bit on that :-) Tom has done an excellent "how to paint zombies" tutorial for the new book.

- By popular demand, an alternate Blitzhund sculpt. Even if you have two already, once you read the missions and fluff in the new book, you will desperately want one of these. I do! It's mastered and on the way to Tom who's sharpening his crayons.

- Drohne...long awaited by SoTR 1949 and Incursion fans alike. You've seen the photos. If not, dig back a couple of posts on the blog. This model is ready to go. Sorry to make you guys hold out so long on all this stuff that is ready but we need to release everthing as a "wave". It will save you shipping costs and us a bunch of effort. I know you guys get this...

- Zip Kelly. You've seen the art. Model is ALMOST done. we're expecting it to head to mastering in the next week or so. Zip is the superhero I've always wanted to create. By gum, he's going to kick some Jerry tail with MI-13. Somebody tell Maciej over at Pulp City that we need a crossover!

- Bazooka APE. As if the Lucky Seventh didn't have enough firepower, BOOM! Say no more. The heavy firepower is on the way to the painter.Pat Keith sculpting. Ready to go.

- Panzeraffe. This is a big bastard by Jason Weibe: monkey king. We'll leave the background for future posts :-) He's on a 50mm base and he's mean. Sculpting is done and off for mastering.

- GRACIE!!!! At long last peeps. 3 concept artists, 4 sculptors, and a year and a half later, she's finally here. Should have gone to Keith Lowe in the first place! Keith is the ultimate and has been instrumental in the development of all the Incursion characters. By the way: GO BUY MERCS MINIS!

So, no release date set yet for the book and minis. Carl Brown is doing this round of graphic design. All I can say is we're getting closer and closer every day. Will throw out updates as we go. Maybe 2 months, maybe 3.

Here's some eye candy:

Bazooka APE