We'll be screwing around with the website over the next few days and you'll see some changes. We've been working in the background for awhile now to figure out how to expand this "one shot wonder" of a website to both grow Incursion and launch new cool product lines. More detail later but at this point it looks like there will be a fairly stripped down and perfunctory Grindhouse Games home page that is just links....to be further developed as time/need/budget permits. The big change is the launch of the "JUNK" pages which are themselves pretty utilitarian. To do all of this, there will be some modifications to the link structure within the Incursion pages and possibly a new navigational tool. Just bear with us.

Most importantly, we have just launched a new forum for Grindhouse Games. Until now, Incursion has been piggy-backed onto the Secrets of the Third Reich forums as an afterthought. It now has it's own home at our forums. Hate to break up the discussions mid-stream but this needed to happen sooner or later. Links aren't linking there yet but go here:

Itsy bitsy JUNK teaser waiting there :-)
Viva Grindhouse