Hey all,

Sorry for the lack of machine-gun like updates over the summer. It's been a super busy time filling orders and generally keeping up with things. "Growth management" :-). Wanted to take a minute and bring y'all up to speed on stuff. First off, we've gone back to the drawing boards on Gracie but I expect we will see her by Thanksgiving. I know it's a long wait but it will totally be worth it. It's not just Incursion fans that will dig Gracie... Next up, we've been working with game developer Peter Bogdasarian on the next generation of missions. There are three new lovely beasts already done but many more to come. Through these missions we will explore multi-player, solo play, and various interactions between all the models in the game. We're not sure where this project is going yet. It might be just a big fat missions book or it might be more. Don't know. We'll just have to see where the muse takes us. That's about it on Incursion for now.

In other news, John and I have developed a sick fascination with Robots. Over the next couple of months you will be seeing some new developments around here including a basic (and I mean baaaasic) Grindhouse home page, a store page for our new robot project and the "8 Mile DMZ" blog where we will talk about our adventures in background and model design for our new range of toys.No game associated with this as of yet but it's a fun experimental thing that could go anywhere.

Stay tuned! Jim out