Hey there compadres

We have just uploaded the FAQ 1.0 to the forums. We're keeping it there rather than the downloads page as it is a living document and it's just easier that way. Pop on by and take a look here. PW is our FAQ keeper. If you have questions, please post them on the forums.

In other news, we're still working diligently on Gracie and hope to show something soon. Apologies for the long wait. We certainly hope it will be worth it!

In yet other news, John and I would like you all to welcome John's wife Debbie Bailey to the Grindhouse crew. Debbie is taking over management of day to day business operations as she is trained for this sort of thing and we are not. We've just been making it up as we go :-). We just had our first big step up as Grindhouse has moved out of my house and into conditioned warehouse facilities with a loading dock. We haven't moved the beer fridge and Grindhouse posters in yet but we may do that by this weekend! It's a pretty great space. My architecture firm actually did the retrofit design of the historic building about a decade ago so I feel right at home. Anyhoo, y'all will likely start to see emails from Debbie as you put in orders and do business with us. Make sure and make her feel welcome. Send her an email: deborah@grindhousegames.com and say hi!

That's all for now...