Fun distribution news:

We here at the Grindhouse implore all you folks to get out and bug your FLGS owners to carry Incursion. We 100% support the FLGS. Previously it has been difficult as our distribution channels were quite limited. That is no longer the case. Steadily, distributors have been picking up the game worldwide. Over the last few weeks we have developed some major new relationships so every game store out there, anywhere in the world can now easily carry Incursion. No excuse! :-)

Just in time for the new print run and MI-13. Yes, we have bitten the bullet and done another print run of 2,000 copies of the board game. We thought we were done at 1000 but response has been really great. Lots of new friends have emailed us to send their supportive comments and purchased the game and miniatures. Looks like this thing might have legs after all. Still holding almost a 9 rating on Board Game Geek as well…even after people play it :-)

How your retailer can get Incursion:

In North America, your FLGS can get the game and miniatures from us directly but we encourage them to support our distribution partners primarily: Warpath Games (and FRP Games), (and the Warstore), and …drumroll… Alliance Distribution! There is a great 2 page article on Incursion in the upcoming issue of Game Trade Magazine by Diamond Comic Book Distribution so tell your FLGS owners to check it out! Alliance is accepting orders now for Incursion stuff.

In the UK and Europe, West Wind productions is your distribution channel as well as a retailer. They supply all the biggest game stores in the UK and abroad including Battlefield Berlin in…Berlin :-), Star Player in Paris, Wayland and Maelstrom Games in the UK and many many more in most countries in Europe. If your Favorite store does not stock Incursion, please let them know that it is available and you want it.

In Australia/NZ/Far East, we’re proud to announce Little Soldiers as our distribution/retail partner. Martin has been up and running for quite awhile as an ebay store but is in the process of expanding Little Soldiers into a distribution hub for select products down under. In addition to being a great guy and devoted hobbyist, he has chosen to focus on Incursion as the core initial offering for the newly revamped retail and distribution company. Watch the space as the website is just getting underway and they have many more lines planned. Little Soldiers is, like Grindhouse Games, the little engine that could! Frankly, I’ve been wanting to make this general Grindhouse worldwide distribution announcement for some time but waited for Martin to get the new WIP Little Soldiers site up which it now is. Australia rejoice! No more insane shipping costs getting your toys direct from us. Thanks to all you folks who have bought direct from us though over the last year. You have been instrumental in allowing us to move forward. You know who you are and you know I know who you are :-)

Check out Little Soldiers here all you Aussies and Kiwis…and pardon their dust as they are under construction: