Time to ramp it up a bit. We know that you folks have been waiting for this for awhile. The MI-13 infantry models are finally done and off to Griffin for mastering. They have seperate heads so you can easily swap within this range or with other cool heads from West Wind. There is a big fat boxed set on the way but we need to get all the models painted, art from Keith finished, and most importantly of all, get Gracie the mech, by Ian Brumby finished :-) We will likely make these models available prior to the boxed set as soon as the moulds are made in a few weeks in the form of individual blisters. Check them out:

Since the models are on the way, it’s about time for a public beta test of the MI-13 rules. We have done extensive internal testing but here at the Grindhouse, as you know, it ain’t real until the fans have a crack at it! Check out the rules on the forum here

. Finally, a sample of the upcoming MI-13 model cards: