Hi again folks

Quick update: US shipment is due here at the Grindhouse next week. UK shipment is due at West Wind later this week/early next week. Things are still on track from my last blog entry. The waiting is unbearable!

In other news, Ian at Fenris has developed some lovely resin 3D upgrades for your 40mm counters. These will not be available for a few weeks and we have not set a price yet but I thought you folks might want to join me in drooling for a bit. In Ian’s words:

“Three sets – 5 x generator control panel(set of 5); doomsday device, hidden tunnel, zombie pinger and cave-in markers (set of 5); and faction/side markers (set of 9). All based on 35mm squares to suit 40mm boards, and easily adapted for use as generic SF/pulp objective markers.”

Enjoy! :-)