We dreamed a little dream.

This morning, at about 9:30 am, Jenni called me and said “it’s here”. Almost two years after this mad quest for the Incursion started, “it’s here”. Unfortunately I was stuck in client hell at my real job and couldn’t open the fedex box of the advance copy for two whole hours!

Here’s an iphone shot of the proud papa:

I couldn’t even bring myself to open the shrink wrap but all of my supportive colleagues at Alamo Architects were gathered around and made me do it :-). It’s fantastic people, simply fantastic. It took two months of trading paper and stock samples and discussing print sheen and paper tooth and weight and coatings and durability planning and lots of really technical dialogue about pre-press stuff. Don’t tell anyone but I sent “Age of Conan” to the manufacturer as the “match this or do better” starting point ;-). IMO, it’s better! This sucker is heavy. It clocks in at about 4 pounds: the stock is all that thick. The silky sheen is magnificent.

Here’s a crappy iphone shot of the box:

I look back over the development of this thing and I am deeply humbled. So many people worked so hard to make the little dream happen. Without all of you who have supported this madness, our merry band of designers (see the “about the team” page) would have been just jousting at windmills. I thank each of you so very much for what you have done. Your supportive emails and posts got this thing through the dark times and your faith in us as shown by your massive pre-orders sight-unseen has made it a reality. YOU made this happen. I am still in disbelief about the volume of orders for a product that did not until this minute exist…and no distribution network! Thank you for your trust.

We’re not over the hump yet. This is just a little run (but a massive financial risk) that will bring the whole venture to break-even and finally get the Grindhouse out of hock:-). There are about 300 copies left of the run so get yours now if you haven’t yet. Please spread the word. Let’s get this thing going, do another run, and get it into every game shop around the world. Let’s show the powers that be that the little guy CAN! Anyway, stock is being loaded into a shipping container for January delivery to UK and USA as promised…

We’ll get some professional photography done at some point soon but for now, because I can’t stand not sharing…as you probably know by now, here’s another crap iphone shot of the unboxed game. Note, the plastic stands are invisible down in the vac-formed tray because they are all black :-)

Thanks again everyone!

Oh, ps: vote for Incursion minis at TGN!