Howdy Cowpokes,

Just a smidgen of an update here. China is on the ball AT LAST. I have been engaged primarily this week with them on the specifications for the vac-formed tray. It would blow your mind to know how complicated coordination is for any one component. My hat is off to all the cats who do this every day for a living :-). The good news is that the whiteboard mockup has been shipped. I should have my grubby mitts on it and the proofs in a few days. In the interim, here are a couple of bits of fun.

First, the new supplement for our insurgently successful tabletop wargame: Secrets of the Third Reich, Doomsday, is now available for pre-order on the West Wind website. If you are an Incursion fan, you’ll find all the rules for the Incursion cast of characters there in this 80 page book as well as another 75 or so pages of the ultimate in Weird War II goodness :-) Even if you don’t play tabletop games, you Incursion players should consider picking up the SoTR 1949 core book and Doomsday just for the background. After all, this is the world where Incursion is set! Check it out here

In other news, Ian at Fenris games has just sent over some photos of their new resin doors for all you hardcores who are building your Gibraltar environments from scratch or for all you guys who want to upgrade (in a major way) from the lovely die-cut chipboard pieces that will be in the box. Shots of the models both unpainted and painted follow. If you have not seen Fenris pieces in person, you are missing out. Photographs do not do them justice. The Fenris dudes are some of the best resin guys in the business. We will have them soon in the online store here at Grindhouse but if you are jonesin’ for them right now you can pick them up here

The die is cast and the contract is finalized. 1000 copies of Incursion will hit the market. If you want yours, you’d better darn well watch this space as preorders will start up in the next week or two for January delivery. Unfortunately, shipping by sea from China takes a month and a half :-(. 1000 copies is all we can afford to print. My guess is they will go almost immediately but we can’t afford further risk as we are doing this thing out of pocket on the heels of two years of massive out-of-pocket development investment. If you want a copy, you guys better keep checking this site :-). We’ll open up for preorders as soon as the proofs and mockup are coordinated…could be next week? Seriously, these will go really fast so you guys need to be on the ball.

To whet your appetite, here is a super low-res, not-to-scale shot of the front side of one of the four die-cut sheets. 1.5 mil laminated chip printed both sides then further chemically and heat laminated with matte film. The red lines represent where the steel cutting dies will stamp the sheet This is hardcore stuff :-).

Cheers! Y’all come back now…