Hi everyone. Sorry for the long stretch there with no posts. It’s been pretty hectic and stressful the last couple of months but things are now firm enough that I feel I can disclose the plan.

Incursion is going to print.

After a long and exhaustive search, we have been incredibly fortunate to find a reputable overseas manufacturer that is willing to take on a short run of a complex product. What? Complex? It’s just paper, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought when we started all this nonsense ;-) Negotiations have been finalized and we are doing a short run of 1000 copies of the Incursion boxed game. It will retail for $50 US. The pre-press work is done and all art is being uploaded this week. We should have proofs and whiteboard mockups within a couple of weeks with photos of the finished product in a month or so and final delivery by the last week of November (or about two months)

The board art is the same but everything else has been re-done to the nines and the rules have been slightly tweaked based on copious player feedback. This is a real treat. The art is beautiful. All stock and papers are of the very highest quality. As good or better than you will find in top products from folks like FFG, AEG, and Asmodee.

The components are as follows:

1. Rigid two piece box covered in art
2. 28 page rules book
3. Card rules summary/playsheet
4. 4 sheets of two-sided heavy-duty die cut pieces (132 total) including counters, doors and stand-ups for all the models.
5. Heavy duty two-sided six-fold game board
6. 87 cards including the full deck of battle and all model cards in multiples where appropriate. Also includes the unreleased Drohne card ;-)
7. 3 dice
8. 50 plastic stand-up holders for doors and “models”
9. Vac-formed plastic holding tray
10. More fun than you can shake a stick at!

We will begin taking pre-orders as soon as I have an advanced copy in my hands. Preorders will likely get a free goody. More on this when pre-orders are announced in about a month.

Drohne soon! Promise! Simon has been feeding us shots of MI-13 as well…

Thanks everyone. Will probabably post up some teaser stuff when I can find time…