Howdy cowpokes,

Just a bit of an update… well, quite a bit of an update actually:

We will have the Fenris Incursion bases in stock very soon! Yours truly has acquired a sample set and they are most excellent. Unfortunately I was browbeaten by the owner of our FLGS here in San Antonio (Central Command Games) into giving up the first batch for his own collection :-). Ian at Fenris is talking crazy. He’s spouting about doing a full 3d board for sale! Don’t hold your breath but he’s just nuts enough that he might do it if there is a huge demand.

The sacred band of die hard fans have been mercilesly and continuously playtesting Incursion, especially locally. We thought it was pretty perfect already but we’ve found a couple of minor bits that need tweaking. Check out the forums for a couple of minor rules revisions.

If you haven’t visited the forum for awhile, you need to jump on into Gregory Privat’s “Close The Door” contest. Greg has developed some resin moulds for a set of massively cool doors. He thought about producing them for sale but in the end, had a much better idea. By September 15, you need to build your own section of 3D board that is clearly in need of doors and post pictures on the forum (or email and we’ll post them for you). Greg’s rules: “The best picture in my opinion will get 10 resin doors. The second best picture will get 10 resin doors too. The third best picture will get my admiration, as will all the other pictures” Good luck!

Drohne: Soon! It’s done and mastered and gorgeous. Awaiting painted version before we release. Possibly next month.

Where’s my MI-13!!!!??? Yeah, we’ve gotten alot of emails. Well, more than alot actually. We had hoped to get the boxed game published prior to sinking all the production costs into MI-13. They were envisioned as the first expansion. It looks like they may get kicked off sooner rather than later. The rules for them still need a ton of playtesting for Incursion but they are ready to go for SoTR and you know, the new SoTR book will be out shortly. Speaking of which, Andy Cooper is doing some pretty great things graphically with the new Secrets of the Third Reich book that Grindhouse wrote. I think you’ll all be impressed. Who’s sculpting MI-13? Well, master Seth Nash did Paddy but it looks like the superman from Spain, Simon Remis is taking up the challenge of building the range. Developing…

In other news, our favorite Belgian David Ausloos has taken up the gauntlet of developing all the print-ready art for an Incursion boxed game release. He is melding his own brand of cool with the design standards set by sister Tammy: Tears of Envy. He’s taking all the hamfisted layout done by yours truly, keeping the precious bits by Tam, and building us a truly world class graphic design package. All hail David Ausloos! You know, I just picked up the new Conan boardgame from Fantasy Flight (cos I’m a sucker for Conan) and compared what David is doing to it. Wow…that’s all I can say. It’s got nothing on this (besides plastic components :-)) Perhaps we’ll hit you with a few previews beyond the cover art shortly.

In closing, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your support. I am so happy that I’ve come to know such a wonderful group of gamers around the entire world through this project. All the emailed well-wishes keep me and the other folks going on this thing. That’s good cos there ain’t no money :-). Every order you guys make from us or purchase you make from your FLGS helps us take this one step further. You are all part of this insurgency whether you like it or not >-). Fight the power! Make a homegrown deal real…

We’ll hopefully have more news on the boxed game soon. Take care, and bless you all. For now, here’s David’s front box design utilizing Tammy’s logo and general direction as well as Keith Lowe’s totally hip illustration:

Oh, ps! Starter sets shipped from this website still get tins…