Howdy zombie fans! It’s been a few weeks since the last blog entry. We’ve been so busy with the new SoTR expansion, doing demos, creating prototypes, working with various media entities, and so generally reeling from the positive feedback we’re getting from this thing that there hasn’t been much concrete info to pass on to you all. Just a couple of minor tidbits really, excellent new resin bases and limited edition started tins.

Starter Tins:
As described in the previous blog post, we are exploring the notion of packaging our starter sets in metal tins. We have a limited number available. Until we run out, every German or Allied starter set that is ordered from the Incursion website (only) will be sent out in tins as pictured below. The art on the back of the tin is the same as in the previous blog post. There is a layer of sturdy grey foam in the bottom of each tin and they are tall enough for your miniatures to stand up in. We have been using them to cart around game components, miniatures, and all sorts of other crap. We are carefully manufacturing them by hand at the moment as they are not being done in quantities large enough to warrant factory production. If any of you die-hard fans who have already purchased miniatures want either or both of these tins, send us an email to Individual tins sans miniatures are $6 US apiece.

Here are some pics of the Allied and German tins:

Next up on the fun, yummy list: resin bases! Our pal Ian at Fenris Games UK has developed a series of excellent Incursion bases that are an homage to Alden Miranda’s concept bases and dovetail nicely with the board art from David Ausloos. Check these bad boys out! We’re awaiting higher res photos from Ian and will post when we have them. These bases will soon be available from the Incursion online store and possibly from West Wind…and discerning retailers. For now, check out the Fenris Games ebay store and look up their “military industrial complex” line here

Here are some low res photos of most awesome stuff…

Thanks all. More developments forthcoming :-).