Hey folks

Still cranking away. All we lack at this point is a bit more work on the board and diagrams derived therefrom. Literally everything else is done and ready to release.

To celebrate the imminent free release, we have added a limited offer “Mega Deal” to this online store. It is composed of one of every miniature in the Incursion line for $100 as opposed to the normal price of $158. This kind of stupid discount is totally unsustainable so it is limited to 20 total Mega Deals. You can pick the Mega Deal up in either the Allies or Germans section of the store. When 20 have been sold, this item will be removed from the store. Note that it is ONLY available through this webstore.

To further whet your appetite for the final version, we present some of the board art below. David is really going all out. Enjoy! Patience people. We’re looking at days, not weeks. My mind is already wandering off into expanded missions and new models :-)