My pulse is pounding. We have been burning the midnight oil to get ready for launch. David Ausloos of Antwerp Belgium is helping Tears of Envy and I out by taking over the board design. We simply had too many tasks to attend to. You can read a bit about him on the About The Team page.

The indomitable Gregory Privat continues to grind away on the French translation and Juan Mieza is doing the same for the Spanish version.

We have a couple of more miniatures that are already sculpted/mastered but we have been so utterly and completely consumed with getting the game out that we have not had the time to bring them to market. This summer perhaps :-)

There have been thousands of games of Incursion played now and vast amounts of feedback. This thing is clean as a whistle! We’re certain you will all be impressed by the final version. Initially at least, release will be free. We are negotiating with various entities and printing houses as I write this but a print version, if it comes, will take months. We can’t hold this back for that long from all you die-hard supporters who are ready to get going so pdf it is for now.

Best check this site daily for the next couple of weeks. In addition to the imminent lauch, we will be buffing up the German starter set and doing a first come, first serve mega deal at a stupid discount. There won’t be many though.

Gotta go. Back to photoshop and Indesign hell :-)

It’s so close I can taste it…