Howdy everyone

Well, things are moving along nicely. Beta testing is complete for the initial go and the rules and game pieces are in final layout. The card and counter sheets are done and Tears of Envy is working wildly on the floor tiles. We have also begun layout on the rules pamphlet. Shouldn’t be too much longer now! June, as projected, is looking very real.

Just to confirm, the game will be released for free as a series of pdf downloads with instructions to print either on the cheap or at a professional level as your budget allows. We are messing around with prototypes now to determine how best to print your set for maximum effect. While we would prefer to bring a fully packaged and printed product to you, it appears to be, in the wake of this global economic meltdown, undoable. This may be a gift horse we’re looking in the mouth though. We get to take the next step down the road in our vision quest and you folks get some stuff for free! Furthermore, we’ll be providing counters for all the models so you hardcore gamers who don’t dig on models don’t have to actually buy anything at all from us. Please do though…we need the cash :-).

Incursion will be released in Spanish and French as well as English. Both translations are well underway. Juan Mieza has done a great job so far doing the Spanish version but he has much more work to do to hit the final. Gregory Privat is doing the French version with a team of volunteer editors who stepped forth from a call to arms in RAVAGE magazine. Greg is an incredible hobbyist. He has worked with us on Secrets of the Third Reich for some time now and is tearing into the translation with incredible gusto, just as Juan is. The Spanish and French versions will likely follow the English version by a few weeks as all the documents have to be heavily edited and the graphic design modified to accept the translations.

In other news, Keith has been playing catch-up with illustration and has rounded out the complement for model cards and counters. Check out the APE shots below. WOW!

Thanks for sticking with us friends.



APE Blazer

APE Sarge