Painted Metals

posted 2014 Jun by

It's been a while. We've been trying to keep a single channel of communication via Kickstarter in order to have a consistent message. But man, you can only upload the tiniest photos there! That doesn't do credit to the hard work several people have put into realizing these minis. So here you are:


What Just Happened?

posted 2013 Sep by

So the Kickstarter is over and the real work begins. That ending there, it was entirely unexpected! Somehow we agreed to build a submarine dock of some kind? I'm getting bids from contractors as we speak!


I appreciate everyone who pledged in order to support Jim's original vision of Incursion and I'm ecstatic that I, too, will be getting more toys to play with, just as soon as we've taken care of production and playtesting.


Speaking of which, I fully expect pledgers to help out with playtesting. I'll be setting up a series of topics on the Grindhouse more >>

Drop Troopers Inbound

posted 2013 Aug by

Day D+24- Death From Above

Yay! 110 was a tough nut, but we cracked that sucker. Even if it drops a bit, we're considering it hit. Let's go get us another Blazer.

Though it's doing great, the campaign probably isn't going to hit a gazillion dollars and unlock tons and tons of freebies for Buckets of Blood (though it will hit some, I'm sure) so we're continuing to analyze that pledge level to see how, besides allowing switch-outs of board and t-shirts, we can sweeten the deal for you a bit more. We have a couple of ideas. First more >>

Designers Notes

posted 2013 Aug by

The Exclusive Pack

There are two ways a unit gets developed here at the Grindhouse:

1)      We feel a playable force could use or even need a certain type of unit

2)      We just have an idea for a concept that we would like to see on the board

Now, this isn’t an either/or situation, it’s one then the other. So we might have some crazy idea for a unit we’d like to see, we then craft stats based on what a playable force more >>

Gameplay Video

posted 2013 Aug by

We finally made and posted a Gameplay Video! Two, to be specific: a short version with different game aspects and a long version which is the entire game. Hopefully it's everything you, our fans, wanted to see. Please don't be too distracted by my dashing good looks or my opponent's crushing defeat. Go check it out on our Kickstarte homepage. You'll find a link to both videos there!


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